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Site Rules for Visiting Drivers

Below are our site rules in English. Please read these carefully before entering Exwold sites.

English - Flag

1. All visiting drivers must press the barrier button on arrival at site, they will then be greeted and instructed by the goods in/out operative.

2. The visiting driver must report any problems with their load or vehicle to the goods in/out operative at this stage.

3. The site has a 10mph speed limit, which must be adhered to at all times.

4. Always follow any instructions given by site operatives/fork lift truck operators.

5. Once in position to be loaded/unloaded the visiting driver must switch off the engine, remove the keys from the ignition and apply the hand brake. This is very important as switching off the engine indicates to the fork lift truck operator you are ready to be loaded/unloaded.

6. Once loading/unloading has begun under no circumstances can the vehicle be moved without prior permission from the fork lift operator.

7. There can be a number of fork lift trucks operating on site at any one time. Please be vigilant at all times and remain in your cab whenever possible.

8. Drivers are not permitted to move away from their vehicle unaccompanied. If a driver requires use of the facilities this should be done at the end of the loading/unloading process.

9. Visiting drivers are required to report any near misses or accidents while on site, no matter how minor, to the site supervisor.

10. If the Fire Alarm sounds whilst on site, drivers must make their way to the muster point located in the car park. Drivers must follow any instructions given by site staff at all times.

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Site rules - German

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