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Powder Processing Services

Exwold has built its expertise in powder processing over many years.

Our specific powder processing services include:

Over the years our range of specialist equipment and facilities has been developed extensively. The result is that we have now built up an enviable reputation for quality and a collaborative approach to our clients. With a portfolio of multinational clients, we’re always looking to develop innovative solutions for your projects.

Powder Blending

At Exwold, we are able to blend multi-component powder products to your specific requirements.

We can blend your powder products on a number of different blending machines, including:

  • Ribbon blender
  • Double ribbon blender
  • Tumble blender
  • In-line blender
  • Plough shear with refiner blades

The majority of our blending machines are fitted with pre-screening or sifting equipment which enables us to achieve a uniform product that is free from oversized particles.

Exwold have a wide range of blending capability from 25kg to 2000kg.

Additionally, we can spray liquids onto powders to produce free flowing, agglomerate-free product.

For more information on Mixing and Blending please download the pdf below:

Mixing and Blending Document

To speak with one of our team about powder blending, or any other enquiry, please contact us on +44 (0)1429 230346. If you prefer to email you can contact us at enquiries@exwold.com

Exwold Powder Compaction

Powder Compacting

Exwold offers contract compaction producing a granule from your powder using roll compaction technology.

Powder compacting can offer you the following benefits:

  • Improved efficiencies
  • Competitively priced granules
  • Dust free, free flowing granules
  • Improved handling
  • No liquid additions or binders required.

Powder Compacting is a versatile granule production technique which lends itself well to a range of speciality chemical applications, such as flame retardants, de-icing products, water treatment products, plastic additives plus many more.

Want to know how Compaction works? Please download Exwold Powder Compaction Document 126.1KB

To speak to us direct please call us on +44 (0)1429 230346 or email us with your questions at enquiries@exwold.com

Sieving and Classifying

Using our sieving equipment we are able to separate large or fine particles. We can also use 2 decks so any oversized and fine particles can be removed at the same time

The types of sieves we use are:

  • Circular (Algaier & Russell Finex)
  • Rectangular (Locker)
  • Sifters (Powtek)

At Exwold, we have a number of different types of sieving equipment available to separate materials. This processing technique is also known as screening.

As well as sieving through a screen, materials can be separated using a classifier. A classifier uses centrifugal forces to separate different size particles. Our Air Classifier Mill (ACM) uses this technology to keep larger particles inside the milling chamber, thus classifying the material.

To download further information about Sieving please click here

To find out more about powder sieving/classifying/screening please contact us on +44 (0)1429 230346 or via email at enquiries@exwold.com