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Case Studies

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Coatings Case Studies

Surface Coating Additive Milling

Exwold was approached by a multinational chemical company to process a range of surface coating additives used in the automotive market. The surface coating additive is manufactured as a molten solid in drums. Once cooled it forms a waxy, solid mass. The product range includes material that has a low melting point < 50ºC. The client required this in a physical form that could be charged into coating with specific particle size distribution to ensure good dispersion. This high performance product couldn’t have any residual contaminants.


Surface Coating Blending

A specialist flooring manufacturer based in the UK required a range of three performance coating blends, as well as a high degree of durability. They were able to supply a formulation which had been developed in their laboratory. This comprised of 6 powder components. The smallest component made up 2% of the formulation and the largest 25%. The main challenge was the requirement to incorporate a 35% charge of an additional liquid component, whilst still producing a final powder blend that could be readily charged to their equipment for the final stages.


Surface Coating Extrusion

A multinational company required a cost-effective 2mm granule of a waxy product used as surface coating additive .

The product had not been previously extruded. The material was supplied as a waxy solid block with a melting point below 100 ºC.

The material also required careful handling as it was corrosive and a significant aim was to reduce contact hazards.


Coating Processing
of Waste Streams

A powder coating manufacturer contacted Exwold to establish whether a process could be established to recycle fines (the fine powder generated and removed during powder coating manufacture).

It was estimated the company was sending 10-25mt of fines to landfill each year and wanted to reduce the environmental and financial impact. The fines ranged in PSD but were typically 150 microns.


Surface Coating Blending

A development company contacted Exwold requiring the scale-up of a blend which had been produced only at laboratory scale.

It comprised of 7 component powders including a dye at 0.3% of the total formulation. The dye would be provided in a powder form and it was essential that the dye was homogeneously distributed across the blend.


Environmental Case Studies

Condensate Reduction Project

Whilst producing a range of water dispersible granules for a multi-national client, the handling of condensate water was identified as a target for waste reduction, becoming part of a joint efficiency project in partnership with the client.

Condensate water is generated as a result of water being added at the extrusion stage for all extrusion products. This produces an extrusion dough which is then removed during the drying to achieve dry in-specification granules.


Crop Protection Case Studies

Track and trace

Crop Protection Track & Trace

Agrochemical Track and Trace is a way of protecting human health, helping to ensure residues on our foods are below set limits. It enables products to be followed from production to the field. It also helps in the fight to prevent counterfeiting which can be a serious problem for agrochemicals, potentially risking health and causing economic damage.

As a contract manufacturer to many of the world’s leading crop protection companies, Exwold packs hundreds of tonnes of granules each year going directly to distributors throughout Europe. To maintain our status as a major supplier, it is critical that we meet and comply with the industry standards and requirements.