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Size Reduction Services

Exwold offers particle size reduction of a range of solids.

Exwold can offer the following processes:

Particle Size Required Technology
3-25mm Kibbling, Crushing, Granulation
75- 2000micron Milling
< 10 micron Micronising

At Exwold we have been kibbling, milling and micronising solids, granules and powders for decades and have built a reputation for quality and a collaborative approach to our clients. Always looking to develop new and innovative solutions for existing and potential clients, we have helped our clients to achieve particle sizes suitable for wide ranging applications such as Plastic Additives, Water Treatment, Powder Catalysts, Crop Protection and Chemical Intermediates.  Download our document on why particle size distribution really matters.

To find out more about how Exwold can help you to achieve the particle size you require, contact the Customer Service team on +44 (0)1429 230346 or by email at enquiries@exwold.com.

For help converting particle sizes please download our conversion table.

Size Reduction by Crushing/Kibbling

Through contract manufacture Exwold provides crushing and kibbling services.

Kibbling could be the perfect solution to providing you manageable feed source from materials that are:

  • Fused
  • Compacted
  • Hardened

What is Kibbling?

Kibbling is a particle size reduction technique often referred to as crushing, de-compaction or granulating

Crushing/kibbling uses cheese-grater type screens or rotating knives to provide a coarse product with particle diameters of between 3mm and 25mm. Exwold can process products tailored to your specification and packaging requirements.

Call us on +44 (0)1429 230346 to discuss how we can work together to make your materials work better for you.


Exwold is able to help you with your outsourcing needs with our experience in micronising and milling fine powders right down to low micron levels.

The micronising capabilities Exwold can offer you include:

  • Air Classifier Mill (ACM)
  • Milling to approximately 10 microns in diameter
  • Micronisation capability from tonne quantities upwards
  • Powder Blending capacity
  • Pilot and laboratory scale equipment including jet micronisation

Exwold has a proven track record of micronising a wide range of active ingredients on a commercial scale including handling products with a range of safety requirements. Our laboratory and pilot scale evaluations (carried out in our Technical Development Centre) are available to provide you with confidence in the choice of mill.

Call our Customer Service team on +44 (0)1429 230346, so we can expertly evaluate your requirements. If you prefer, send us an email at enquiries@exwold.com.


At Exwold, we offer a number of different types of milling processes for solid particle size reduction.

  • Using our hammer/pin mills we can produce a coarse material with a particle diameter of 2000 microns or below.
  • Using our Baumeister Turbo mill we can achieve smaller particle sizes down to 75 microns.
  • We can process sensitive materials with an explosion rating up to KST2 where the mills are equipped with systems such as Kidde-Graviner Explosion Suppression systems.

We have experience of contract milling products for a wide range of speciality markets including Plastic Additives, Powder Coatings, Catalysts and Chemical Intermediates. With this experience, we can help you to achieve the precise specification you require through evaluation of the exact nature of your product, safety requirements and available milling options.

For help to achieve the product particle size you require, call our team on +44 (0)1429 230346 or email your questions and requirements to enquiries@exwold.com