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Speciality Chemical Processing

Exwold has been offering contract solids processing to the speciality market for decades and we are proud of the long term customer relationships we have formed with our clients over that time.

Markets served include: home and garden; polymer and plastic additives, flame retardants, oilfield, biocides and water treatment, solid de-icers and catalysts.

Learn more about the sectors and our processing technologies.

Biocides & Water Treatment

Exwold formulate and process chemicals used extensively as biocides and in water treatment applications.

Methods we use to process biocides and water treatment chemicals include:


Biocides are commonly used in agriculture, forestry and in industry where they prevent the fouling of water and oil pipelines. Today, we produce bespoke formulations for disinfectant applications and provide a flexible service that allows you to tailor your biocidal product to individual markets and customers.

    Water Treatments

    Water treatment describes those processes used to make water more acceptable for a desired end-use. These can include use as drinking water, industrial processes, medical etc. Exwold works with a number of clients who require the delivery of their water treatment chemicals via a slow release granule. Exwold’s expertise in the area of creating ‘bespoke’ granules gives a strong competitive advantage.

    To discuss how Exwold can help you with your biocide and water treatment requirements contact us by telephone on +44 (0)1429 230346 or email us at enquiries@exwold.com


    Exwold’s expertise in the delivery of active ingredients via granular forms makes catalysis a specific area of interest.

    Typical methods used to process catalysts are:

    The chemical nature of catalysts is as diverse as catalysis itself, although some generalisations can be made. Proton acids are probably the most widely used catalysts, especially for the many reactions involving water, including hydrolysis and its reverse.

    Multifunctional solids often are catalytically active, e.g. zeolites, alumina and certain forms of graphitic carbon.  Transition metals are often used to catalyse redox reactions (oxidation, hydrogenation). Many catalytic processes, especially those involving hydrogen, require platinum metal.

    If you require your catalyst in a granular form, or another specific form, we’d like to hear from you. You can contact us on +44 (0)1429 230346 or e-mail us at enquiries@exwold.com

    Flame Retardants

    Exwold is a specialist in the contract processing of flame retardants, which are extensively used throughout the chemical industry:

    We can offer the following processes to ensure your product is tailored to your needs:

    We can provide you with expert processing advice to allow you to offer the precise product your customers and market require. Processes such as compaction reduce dust and improve handling properties so helping you to provide a safer flame retardant product.

    For help and advice on the above flame retardant processes please contact us on: +44 (0)1429 230346 or e-mail us at enquiries@exwold.com

    Polymers and Plastic Additives

    Exwold offers a range of processing services for the polymer, plastics additive and rubber industry to improve product performance, ease of use and process economics.

    Milling/Grinding – provide additives, catalysts and intermediates in the correct particle size to optimise their activity.

    Blending – homogeneous blends of multi-component additive packages to reduce wastage, improve consistency and simplify production.

    • Granulation – produce clean handling, free flowing, product forms of both single and multi-component formulations (can also incorporate liquid additives via this technology).

    Roll Compaction – a cost-effective route to produce clean handling and free flowing forms of additives and additive blends without the need for additional binders.

    We have long standing experience in the processing of flame retardants, rubber additives, catalysts, biocides and intermediates and are adding to our resources in this important industry sector.

    Working with our polymer producers, additive manufacturers and polymer converter clients Exwold helps to provide cost-effective solutions to production and product form problems.

    For more information on how we can help with your polymer or plastic and rubber additive processing needs please contact our commercial team on +44 (0)1429 230346. We can also be contacted via e-mail at enquiries@exwold.com