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The Management Team

People are key to the success and growth of a company.

At Exwold, we believe that people are the key to building the trust and confidence necessary to develop long term supply relationships with our partners.

We pride ourselves on our chemical processing experience and the level of chemical, engineering and contract manufacturing knowledge we have within our organisation.


Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin

Managing Director

Having been with Exwold from the early days, Kevin has been hugely instrumental in the growth of the business. He is now looking forward to leading the company into a new period of growth and expansion.

The strong management team within the organisation is well placed to help Kevin deliver this growth and to develop the business in line with its customers’ needs and requirements.


“We want to develop long-term relationships with our clients and to provide them with significant benefits.

The knowledge, expertise and culture at Exwold give us a truly competitive advantage. Our extensive, in-house knowledge of what is possible and how we can adapt enables us to achieve successful outcomes.

We endeavour to solve our clients’ problems no matter how difficult the challenge may be. We are willing to consider a whole range of possible solutions, including investing in new equipment and developing tailor-made processes.

Our focus is very much on the ‘long term’. We value relationships and see excellence in service as the key to achieving lasting partnerships. We enjoy connecting with people and businesses and look forward to you getting in touch.”

David Tunney

David Tunney

Operations Director


David has sole responsibility for the operation of Exwold’s sites in the North East of England and has a large and experienced team reporting to him, including production and engineering units. 

David is an accomplished mechanical engineer and has previously worked for a number of multi-national companies where he honed his talent for delivering continuous improvements to plant processes, having been trained in  6-Sigma, Lean & Stable Manufacturing, amongst others.

David also liaises closely with the commercial and technical teams to enable innovative and conceptual ideas from clients to be developed from pilot study and trials through to full scale production.


“At Exwold we want to take our customers’ ideas or problems and utilising our high level of knowledge, expertise and experience, turn those problems into solutions and ideas into reality.

Our aim is to forge long term relationships with our clients based on our ability to deliver what we say we will do.

We see excellence in service as a key to our continued success.

If your organisation has a need for Powder Processing, Granule Production, Mixing or Blending then please contact us and let us demonstrate our capabilities.”

Sam Price

Sam Price

Commercial Director

Sam has responsibility for all Exwold’s commercial activities including sales, business development and purchasing.

Sam received her chemistry degree from Bristol University and has experience in working in R&D. Sam has gained extensive experience in sales and marketing in the contract manufacture of fine chemicals.

Sam works closely with our customers, liasing with the technical teams when developing new business, establishing and nurturing strong, long-term customer partnerships.


“Exwold is an aspirational organisation with a proven track record in delivering customer requirements and expectations.

We will continue to grow & develop our business in the Crop Protection market and are focused on growth in new markets in the Speciality Chemicals sector.

Our extensive expertise in delivering technical solutions along with our entrepreneurial spirit ensures a diverse & growing portfolio of opportunities.

In contract manufacture, it is essential to establish strong, long term partnerships with our customers and the flexible approach & expertise of the Exwold team ensures we are well positioned to do this.

We definitely have a “can-do” culture which I believe contributes to the long-term nature of much of our business.”