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Date:1 Jul, 2024

Exwold: Making Big Strides in Chemical Processing

At Exwold, we’re all about innovation, precision, and teamwork. This spring has been packed with exciting developments, and we want to share some of the highlights that showcase our commitment to pushing the limits in chemical processing.

Successful Milling Trial at Tofts Farm A

In May, we wrapped up an important milling trial for one of our major clients. Using our high-tech Air Jet Mill at Tofts Farm A, we successfully milled an active ingredient to meet exact specifications. This was no small feat and was made possible thanks to our dedicated team. As Sam Price, our commercial director, explains: “These milestones reflect our technical capabilities and commitment to fostering strong partnerships. A big thank you to everyone who played a part in this success. It’s a testament to what talented teams can achieve together.”

Scaling Up Biostimulant Production with Radial Extrusion

This spring we were also pleased to announce the completion of a plant trial on a new biostimulant, scaling up production to a commercial level using radial extrusion technology. This was a first for us on such a scale. We started with trials in our pilot facility, working closely with our new client to ensure everything went smoothly. After successful pilot runs, we moved to full-scale production, creating granules in our commercial plant. This achievement highlights our innovative spirit and the hard work of our team.

Launching a New Product at Queens Meadow High Active Herbicide Facility

Recently we also launched a new product at our Queens Meadow High Active Herbicide facility. The third new product in just a few weeks, the extruded granule, designed for the US market, is the first of its kind that we’ve produced at a commercial scale. Operations Director David Tunney summed it up well: “Our recent successes are a true testament to the unwavering dedication and expertise of our team. The launch went off without a hitch, thanks to the combined efforts of our Technical and Operations Teams and the strong collaboration with our client.”

Looking Ahead

Exwold has decades of experience formulating and processing chemicals for multinational agrochemical and speciality chemical companies. We have worked in many different sectors and have specialist knowledge in flame retardants, agrochemicals, biocides, herbicides, plastic additives, and coatings. From the very beginning, we have continuously shown a commitment to innovation, precision, and teamwork. Our recent successes are just a glimpse of what we can achieve together with our clients and partners as we lead the way in the chemical processing industry with our expertise and experience. If you would like to discuss your next project, contact our team who will be pleased to help.

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