Quality Control at Exwold

To support the contract manufacture of your product, Exwold Quality Control (QC) can provide qualitative and quantitative analysis of all types of products to the highest standard under ISO9001 certification.

We have 3 QC Laboratories and a TDC (Technology Development Centre) based across 4 sites that aim to:

  • Ensure your product fully meets specification, providing Certificates of Analysis
  • Monitor & maintain quality both of the final product and in-process
  • Support continuous improvement
  • Develop our QC testing ability with new methods of analysis
  • To provide timely, reliable and complete analytical services.
  • Problem solving
  • Specific product quality auditing.

We have a large and diverse range of specialised scientific equipment in our laboratories in order to carry out a wide array of analyses and tests.

Our experience covers techniques regularly working to CIPAC agrochemical procedures including;

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Gas Chromatography (GC)

Cross Contamination Analysis

pH Measurements

LOD Analysis (Karl Fischer & infra red balance)


Viscosity Measurements (Brookfield)

Surface Tension


Suspensibility & Dispersibility

Particle Size Analysis (Malvern)

Large range of sieves & Air Jet Sieving analysis

As a third party manufacturer, we have a wide knowledge of analytical techniques for analysing products in specific industries including powders, agrochemicals, catalysts, biocides, animal feed additives and plastics.

We are involved in analyses at all levels;

  • From the macro, which covers areas such as physical analysis and quality control
  • To the micro, such as the determination of active concentrations in products and any trace amounts of contamination in air, water, samples to ensure we are compliant and meet Exwold’s high environmental standards.

If a specific technique is not already within our portfolio; working closely with our customers, we also specialise in developing and validating methods of analysis. Our experienced team of analysists regularly work with industry specific tests and bespoke methods designed to measure the performance of a specific product. We regularly assist our customers when defining their specification and optimum batch size.