Development and Pilot Facilities

Ahead of commercial manufacture on the Exwold plant, Exwold have a purpose built Technical Development Centre which offers familiarisation and scale-up capabilities when taking your product from laboratory bench to full scale plant manufacture.

The facility and skilled development team works from laboratory scale of 100g to pilot runs of 100kgs.

Pilot runs are perfect for:

  • Field trials of new Crop Protection formulations
  • Application testing of performance product and providing small volumes for initial customer trials & pack testing.
  • The pilot facility also provides our customers with confidence in the commercial scale-up of their processes and provides valuable process learning.
  • Training of Operators
  • Exwold successfully trial in excess of 30 projects per year under the management of Peter Webb, Head of Technical Support.

This new facility will enhances the existing capabilities further and the large scale technologies we can replicate include:






Exwold also carry out implementation and validation of analytical methods and the Technical team have years of experience in Crop Protection and Speciality Chemical development.

Peter Webb, Head of Technical Support says “We understand the importance of product development for our customer's and this will greatly improve our ability and flexibility in delivering our customer's development requirements. During development we work very closely with our clients who bring projects to us in a wide range of development stages from conceptual to scale up."