Size Reduction by Milling

Size Reduction by Milling

At Exwold, we offer a number of different types of milling processes for solid particle size reduction.

• Using our hammer/pin mills we can produce a coarse material with a particle diameter of 2000 microns or below.

• Using our Baumeister Turbo mill we can achieve smaller particle sizes down to 75 microns.

• We can process sensitive materials with an explosion rating up to KST2 where the mills are equipped with systems such as Kidde-Graviner Explosion Suppression systems.

We have experience of contract milling products for a wide range of speciality markets including Plastic Additives, Powder Coatings, Catalysts and Chemical Intermediates. With this experience, we can help you to achieve the precise specification you require through evaluation of the exact nature of your product, safety requirements and available milling options.

For help to achieve the product particle size you require, call our team on 0044 (0)1429 230346 or email your questions and requirements to