Size Reduction

Exwold offer particle size reduction of solids. Want to find outsourcing solutions to your Size Reduction needs? Exwold can offer the following processes:

Particle Size Required Technology
3-25mm Kibbling, Crushing, Granulation
75- 2000micron Milling
< 10 micron Micronising

At Exwold we have been kibbling, milling and micronising solids, granules and powders for decades and have built a reputation for quality and a collaborative approach to our clients. Always looking to develop new and innovative solutions for existing and potential clients, we have helped our clients to achieve particle sizes suitable for wide ranging applications such as Plastic Additives, Water Treatment, Powder Catalysts, Crop Protection and Chemical Intermediates.  Download our document on why particle size distribution really matters.

To find out more about how Exwold can help you to achieve the particle size you require, contact the Customer Service team on 0044 1429 230346 or by email at

For help converting particle sizes please download our Conversion Table.