Exwold Impregnation and Coating

Granule Production by Impregnation & Coating

Exwold offer you impregnation and coating contract processing , we can:

Impregnate liquids into highly absorbent carriers. These can be either granule-type carriers (e.g. Sepiolite) or powder-type carriers (e.g. precipitated Silica).

Coat an inert carrier such as limestone or sand by spraying fine powders or liquids onto the surface.

For your specific granulation needs, our drum blenders are equipped with drying capability for both impregnation and coating.


Impregnation can benefit you by:

• Retaining a free flowing product when spraying a high concentration liquid

• Enabling a low melting solid to be converted into a water-dispersible granule through impregnation into precipitated Silica.

• Safer handling and improved packing making transportation easier

We are able to handle different feed materials and spray from drums through to 20,000l tanks.  If you would like us to colour your granules we can!


Your benefits through Coating include:

• Improved Flow

• Protect against moisture, air and light among others

• Dust-free product

• Densifying

With our coating technology, we can produce a single layer or several (different) layers, depending upon your end use application. Those choosing to coat with different layers will benefit from the various materials releasing slowly for use in industries such as agro chemicals and micronutrients.

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To speak to us in more detail about Coating or Impregnation then please contat us on 0044 (0)1429 230346.  We can also be contacted via e-mail at enquiries@exwold.com