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Here, you can read Exwold's news and our upcoming events.

22nd December 2015

Exwold are excited to announce that they will be relocating manufacture of Herbicide WDGs to the Haverton Hill facility.

18th December 2015

Exwold are pleased to announce they will be attending the annual NEPIC Awards.

6th November 2015

Exwold continues to focus on improving the Brenda Road site and our working practices and we are proud of the improvements that we have made in the last 12 months.

14th October 2015

As part of Exwold's continuing site improvements, Exwold have now opened the Waste Handling and Recycling Facility known as "WHARF" for handling of waste generated on the Brenda Road Site.

11th September 2015

Northern Powerhouse Business Breakfast will be held at Wynyard Hall on Friday 16th October 2015 Kevin Martin will be attending this event.

11th September 2015

Exwold have opened a new labelling facility at the Brenda Road Site. This is part of Exwold's site and warehousing improvement programme and enables the labelling and label storage to be carried out in a clean, controlled, dedicated area.

2nd September 2015

We are often asked by our customers to explain our standard batch numbering. You can find the download by clicking here.

18th August 2015

2015 has been a record breaking year at Exwold and we have shipped more product out our gates than ever before.