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Waste Handling and Recycling Improvements at Exwold

14th October 2015

As part of Exwold's continuing site improvements, Exwold have now opened the Waste Handling and Recycling Facility known as "WHARF" for handling of waste generated on the Brenda Road Site.

David Tunny, Operations Director was asked why do Exwold continue to invest in Infrastructure Projects such as this?

"Business grew by over 25% last year and as a consequence Exwold is generating more waste. With continued growth forecast in 2016 this obviously needs to be addressed. The first line of defence is to reduce the generation of waste and there are wide ranging initiatives in the business to reduce waste generation with a stretching target to reduce waste costs by 5% in 2016. Significant efforts continue to go into establishing recycling routes and it is imperative that we handle the waste that is generated in a safe & environmentally acceptable way. Training initiatives are being rolled out to the workforce to better understand the whole concept of waste and its effect on the company.

The opening of the WHARF provides better waste segregation, improved efficiencies, greatly improving the appearance of units 2/3 and continues to highligh the importance of waste management".