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Transfer of Herbicide WDG Manufacture from Toft's Farm to the Haverton Hill Manufacturing Unit

22nd December 2015

Exwold are excited to announce that they will be relocating manufacture of Herbicide WDGs to the Haverton Hill facility. This will include relocation of all Herbicide WDGs currently manufactured at Exwold's Toft's Farm facility along with the physical relocation of the Air Classifier Mill (ACM) and associated blender.

This is a significant investment in the Haverton Hill facility and the company is also expanding the workforce to accommodate the growth in business.

This investment will consolidate manufacture of Herbicide WDGs to the Haverton Hill site; improving operability, reducing transport leading to improved efficiencies.

The investment will also enable implementation of a change in use of the Tofts Farm facility which will continue to operate following a major planned investment in the facility.

Haverton Hill was the first Exwold plant used in the manufacture of WDGs and has been producing Herbicide WDGs since 1993. Relocating to this facility therefore ensures continuity of supply to our clients.

Exwold will continue to manufacture highly active (high potency) herbicide WDGs at the third extrusion plant based at Wilton and other activities will continue the fourth site located at Brenda Road.