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Exwold's Impregnation & Coating Capacity Doubles

16th March 2015

Exwold announces the installation of a second Drum Blender along with auxillary liquid handling capability. This doubles Exwold's annual capacity for contract Insecticide granule formulation to over 10,000mt per annum.

This has been a significant investment for Exwold in-line with the company strategy to continue the growth of the business. The company now has 4 sites of operation and continues to form strong Supply Partnerships with many leading Speciality and Crop Protection clients.

Due to seasonal demand, this equipment was installed in the record time of less than 3 months and the new installation has now successfully completed it's first manufacturing campaign.

Exwold has been producing Nematicide, Acaricide and Insecticide granules for Direct Application for over 10 years using Impregnation & Coating technology and so has a proven track record in this area. A similar blender in the Herbicide facility is also available and is dedicated to the Impregnation & Coating of Herbicide granules.

The team at Exwold were asked a number of questions about this new capability:

What do you mean by Impregnation & Coating?

"Coating is a method of producing a granule by applying a coating of liquid (or solid) to a solid material. Impregnation is similar to the coating process, the difference is that the liquid is absorbed into the granule"

Peter Webb, Head of Technical Support

Why specifically install a Drum Blender?

"With direct application products, dustiness is an important consideration and the Drum Blender we have installed has a gentle action, so reducing attrition of the granule during blending. Even delivery of the active ingredient is critical and the internal Spray Nozzle set-up provides an even spray on to the carrier granule."

David Tunney, Operations Director

Explain the annual capacity

"This drum blender has capacity to produce 2mt blends which is the perfect scale for the campaign sizes we are often asked to produce. the two Exwold Drum Blenders can each produce over 500mt per month. Continuous Improvements remain critical to Exwold and we have every confidence that through process improvements, we will increase capacity further. "

David Tunney, Operations Director

Why does this installation only increase the capacity for Insecticides and not Herbicides when both require similar technology?

"We understand the strict low Cross Contamination levels that the Crop Protection market requires and all members of the Exwold team receive Product Integrity training. Exwold have segregated areas for Herbicide and Insecticide granulation and therefore Herbicides will not be formulated in this new drum blender. In a separate area, we do have in excess of 10,000mt of Hebicide granule formulation capability. Both the Insecticide & Herbicide areas also have their own dedicated packing capabilities."

Peter Webb, Head of Technical Support

You can read more about Exwold's other granulation technologies including Extrusion and Compaction at www.exwold.com or contact us at enquiries@exwold.com.

Exwold are proud to be a company based on Science, Technology, Innovation and Partnership.