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Exwold Opens Labelling Facility

11th September 2015

Exwold have opened a new labelling facility at the Brenda Road Site. This is part of Exwold's site and warehousing improvement programme and enables the labelling and label storage to be carried out in a clean, controlled, dedicated area.

Exwold pack client products to add value following formulation and processing of bulk products and so this is a critical step of the supply chain. The new facility ensures customer supplied labels are well controlled and kept free from potential contamination. The well lit area also ensures we maintain the highest standards when preparing packaging for filling.

We appreciate the importance of the correct labelling for Safety,Transport & Environment and often ship our customer's products directly to their clients and so know that first impressions count.

Pack sizes range from 1Kgs to bulk quantities and there are requirements to label boxes, bags, bottles and Kegs.