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Exwold: Focusing on Contract Processing

8th November 2014

Exwold have heard a rumour and want to clarify and reassure all our clients of our position.

Exwold are a leading contract processing company of Crop Protection and Speciality products. We can assure you that we do not and have no intention to offer own brand Crop Protection Formulation. We believe this avoids conflicts of interests with our clients and helps to build strong, trust-based partnerships.  

There are many well known industry terms for the Exwold offer, including Contract Processing, Contract Manufacture, Tolling, Custom Manufacture and Toll Manufacture, however the benefits of outsourcing are well known:

  • Take advantage of skills such as granule processing know-how and processing efficiencies
  • Allowing customers to focus on core compentencies such as marketing, development and registration
  • Technical expertise improving product quality and analysis
  • Economies of scale with multiple customers utilising multipurpose plant
  • Cost savings especially reducing capital investment

Our clients are world experts in Marketing, Developing and Registering Formulations and Exwold's expertise and skills are focused on the scale-up and commercial formulation of products on behalf of our clients. Often a perfect combination!