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Exwold answers West Park School's questions

23rd September 2013 to 28th October 2018

Following on from West Park School's recent class visit to Exwold, we received many thank you letters from the children, along with many curious questions.

Peter Webb responded to the questions and was quoted as saying ‘ It was lovely to read them and makes the effort put into the visit worthwhile. I hope it has inspired a few to look at science as a future career'

Please find some of the questions and answers below

Joseph Liddel asked How did Exwold get it's name?
The name Exwold comes from ‘EX' for extrusion technology which we use to make granules and ‘WOLD' from where the company was going to be based in the Wolds but ended up further North as factory space was available in Teesside.

McKellan Lines asked a number of questions about earnings and also the amount of stored packaging.
The answer to both is difficult to answer as it varies from month to month. The electricity bill alone is £2000 per month. All the other services also need to be added e.g. water, gas, diesel, telephones and broadband plus licences to operate, taxes, waste disposal and salaries, so it basically costs a lot to keep the company running.

Sam Brown asked which company buys the most of your products?
No company buys any of our ‘products' as we do not have any of our own products to sell. What they do buy is our ‘services' to make their product. We work with a lot of customers.

Sam Brown asked who started the company?
James Robson MBE started the company in July 1993, 20 years ago.

Sam Brown asked how many people work in the 3rd plant?
The number of people working on each site are: Haverton Hill = 8, Tofts Farm = 6, Wilton Centre = 4 and Brenda Road = 52.

Exwold have recently been awarded a certificate from the University of York to recognise the contribution to the ‘Children Challenging Industry Project'. The certificate can be viewed below:

Children Challenging Industry Project Certificate