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Exwold 2016: the year so far

22nd September 2016

The beginning of 2016 showed Exwold's continued commitment to Quality, Environment and Customer Services with the renewal of our ISO 90001 & 14001 and the publishing of our Bi-Annual Customer Service Results.

The most significant improvement made was the transfer of the ACM mill from Tofts Farm to Haverton Hill which was completed in May. Since then we have successfully manufactured a number of Herbicide WDG campaigns and are thrilled with the impact this decision has made to our operations.

Attending the Annual NEPIC Awards in January was a great start to the year; even if we didn't come away with a prize and the first half of the year would not be the same without an annual visit to Chemspec which was held in Switzerland this year. Exwold also announced a plan to exhibit at this year's crop world where we hope to see many of our clients in October.

As an SME keeping up with regulatory change is as important to us as our clients. A number of significant changes have or are likly to impact all of us including New Customs Codes, SOLAS and up-dated labelling requirements.

Exwold continue to work with the local community and are pleased to have sponsored a number of events including Exwolds Sales & Purchasing Manager completing the Edinburgh Marathon.