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EXTRUSION: An Interview with Exwold’s Head of Technical Support, Peter Webb

26th April 2019

Peter Webb,Head of Technical Support at Exwold, talks to the web team about his experience & knowledge of formulation in the Crop Protection market and Extrusion technology.

Why Extrusion Technology?

Since starting at Exwold, I have introduced over 100 new formulations to plant using extrusion technology.

Extrusion is a proven method to get good dispersible granules provided the formulation is well developed.

In many ways, extrusion products are more versatile than other formulation types to manage on plant; granule size can be modified & plant parameters modified to improve product properties. This makes Extrusion technology ideally suited to contract manufacturing where we have multiple products. Experience counts a lot with Extrusion & understanding whether for example chilling the extruder will aid or hinder rate are all part of the understanding.

The benefits of formulating WDGs are well known; they are generally more stable than liquids and offer more protection against frost. They are easier to transport & offer better containment if accidently spilt.

With more complexity in formulations, they often offer a solution to combining multi actives.

Read the full interview here.

If you have any questions for Peter Webb, send them to him at enquiries@exwold.com.