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The 6th Annual Crop Protection & Fine Chemical Forum

1st July 2015

Ahead of Chemspec 2015, this year's 6th Crop Protection & Fine Chemicals Forum held at the Koeln-Messe, Cologne on the 23rd June 2015 was extremely well attended, with over 100 delegates including Exwold's Sam Price & Mike Druce. This again highlights the importance of the Crop Protection sector in the European market.

The event was organised by the European Fine Chemicals Group (EFCG) and was chaired by Dr Andrew Warmington, the Editor of Speciality Chemicals Magazine.

Topics were diverse and included presentations on:

  • Agrochemical market outlook and the influence of glyphosate and resistance development
  • The impact and opportunities that bio-agrochemicals create
  • EU/U.S. TTIP negotiations with reference to agrochemicals
  • Trends in Crop Protection; a procurement perspective
  • European Crop Protection Associations anti-counterfeit project and experiences

The formulation of Crop Protection products remains core to Exwold's business and continues to grow in strength. This event provided a much appreciated opportunity to get up to date on some of the important issues that face the market today.