Insecticides and Acaracides

Exwold contract process impregnated and coated granules (GRs) along with powder blends extensively used for direct application of insecticides and acaracides.

Our offer to you includes:

  • Specialised drum blender plants equipped to blend, impregnate and coat granules (GRs)
  • Facilities for washing and refilling returnable containers which are commonly used for the application of this group of crop formulations. Currently, we re-fill in excess of 40,000 containers per annum
  • Safe handling of insecticide and acaracide actives.
  • Pilot facilities for process familarisation are available along with the production of field trial samples.

With over 20 years of experience in Crop Protection products including insecticides and acaracides, we work to understand your confidentiality, safety and regulatory requirements. We are pleased to work with you to ensure a commercial offer is available to the market.

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