High Potency Herbicides

Exwold are able to offer contract formulation and granulation of High Potency Herbicides including Sulfonyl Ureas.

Our offer to you includes:

  • A stand alone, dedicated plant for extrusion of Water Dispersible Granules ( WDGs)
  • A proven track record of manufacturing commercial scale quantities.
  • We can cater for customers volumes from a few hundred kilos to 10's of tonnes.
  • Excellent containment and cross-contamination prevention, working to strict ACL limits
  • The manufacturing facility is supported by a range of packing options

Exwold look to work closely with you during the process. Our Technical Team have years of formulation experience, having successfully scaled up numerous High Potency Herbicide formulations and are able to work with multi-active formulations.

With extensive Herbicide manufacture experience, we work with our customers to ensure product integrity and our dedicated unit ensures that our standard herbicide formulations are not compromised by formulating these highly active, High Potency Herbicides such as Sulfonyl Ureas.

To discuss how we can support you with your High Potency formulation requirements, call our team on 0044 00 44 (0)1429 230346 or email us at enquiries@exwold.com.