Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs)

Both, multi-national companies and independent companies have benefited from Exwold's expertise in formulating and processing advanced types of granules.

During processing of Herbicides and PGR's we utilise a number of different technologies including:

  • complex low pressure extrusion (Fuji Paudal) of water dispersible/soluble granules   (WDGs/SGs),
  • impregnation or coating of granules for direct/broadcast application (GRs)
  • twin roller compaction unit
  • for PGR processing only, we have an aqueous formulation plant which is located in an isolated processing bay, equipped with semi-automatic filling lines for 1L to 20L bottles.

For more information on Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators please contact us on 0044 (0) 1429 230346.  You can also contact us via e-mail at enquiries@exwold.com