We've collected together our most commonly asked questions.

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Can you perform batch processing ?

Exwold specialise in batch processing.  We also have continuous processing available, depending on our client requirements.

Do you sell products ?

Exwold specialise in contract manufacture and in order to avoid any conflicts of interest with our clients, we have chosen to specialise only in contract processing and do not offer own products.

Can you carry out multi-stage processing?

Yes our expertise & flexible plants allow us to combineprocessing technologies - for example, we regularly combine blending with our granulation capabilities.

What is your minimum order quantity for processing?

Exwold typically work in the 10 to 1000 tonnes range for clients but processes can be evaluated & adapted on a case by case basis depending on process requirements.  Our pilot facility allows us to produce trial quantities and the High Potency facility is designed to produce in volumes of 100kgs upwards.

Can we visit Exwold to perform an audit?

We welcome all our clients to our sites so they can perform audits.  We have accreditation to ISO 9001/14001 standards and are looking for continuous improvements in our quality systems, so encourage all customer feedback.

Can you process foodstuffs ?

Our expertise is in the Speciality Chemical and Agrochemical markets and as a consequence Exwold do not currently offer services to the Food or Pharmaceutical markets.  We have gained FAMI-QS accrediation for pre-mixes in the Animal Feed market.

Can you purchase raw materials for clients as well as manufacture?

Typically our customers prefer to source their own materials but Exwold are willing and able to source raw materials when required.  Our Supply Chain Department can offer expert assistance in sourcing raw materials and packing requirements.

Can you do pre-production trials?

Yes - our R & D department are fully trained to perform & support pre-production trials and we often encourage trials before production so that we can evaluate any technical challenges and arrive at an accurate costing.

Can you process solvents?

We tend to work mostly in aqueous phase, but can evaluate opportunities with solvents which have a flash point of >60°.

How much will you charge me?

We look to offer competitive rates and as every processing job is bespoke we evaluate every opportunity on a case-by-case basis.  We are able to provide indicative prices at early stages of discussion to ensure project viability.

What quality and environmental systems do you operate?

Exwold are accredited with ISO 9001/14001 standards.

Where are you based ?

We have three manufacturing sites all based in the North East of England near the town of Hartlepool.  This area has exceptional transport links to the rest of the UK & Europe.

Would you be prepared to buy capital equipment to meet a client’s processing needs?

At Exwold we regularly work with customers in this way and our Engineering team can offer in-house expertise in plant modifications & design.

What about our client’s concerns regarding contamination?

This is of pivotal importance to Exwold, and it is the most asked question from our clients. We have sophisticated clean-down procedures for every piece of processing plant and all our plants are accredited with ISO 9001/14001 status.

Are you able to process Animal Feeds?

We have a procen-track record in processing pre-mic animal feeds & have a FAMI-QS registration.