Roll Compacting

Roll Compacted RibbonWhilst exhibiting at a European Trade Fair, we were approached by a multinational chemical company with an enquiry. The European client had a market requirement for a granular form of their powder product. The product was used in the de-icing of ground surfaces, where vehicular safety during bad weather was of paramount importance.

The granule was required to improve the technical specification of the product, both for safety reasons and for improved efficacy of the product.

Exwold did not possess the exact equipment necessary for production of the granule, so we undertook a market study to determine whether we should invest in the technology. After a three month period, we concluded that there was a clear market need within the speciality chemicals industry for granules between 0.5 and 10mm in diameter across a wide range of applications at the indicated price point.

We commenced an internal capital investment project and within six months had purchased a twin-roller compaction machine along with associated ancillary equipment, i.e. pre-blender, mill and classifier. The costs were not insignificant to Exwold, but we concluded that the long term market opportunity for the equipment was clear.

At Exwold we're proud to say that we relish projects similar to this as it supports our values of collaboration and innovation. Our new client now enjoys a higher technical specification for their product and we have entered into a long term partnership with them.

They cited our product quality, professionalism and partnership approach as reasons for trusting Exwold to process their products to a high specification.