Powder Blending

The requirement from this customer was to blend a number of powdered chemicals to a precise recipe. The final product is used to control the spread of avian influenza (bird-flu). This product is used when commercial chicken sheds are sterilised between broods of chicks.

The product contains powerful oxidising agents which, if left in contact with moisture, will react in a violent exothermic reaction which liberates chlorine gas.

After carrying out a complete HAZOP (Hazards and Operability Study) involving the customer, Exwold installed an automatic safety quenching system, which will be activated if a sudden rise in temperature within the U-trough blender is detected during manufacturing/packing operations. The cost of this investment was £15,000 which was shared between Exwold and our customer.

The company in question has now sold the product to a large Swiss global multi-national company. One of the conditions of selling the product stipulated by the former owner was that Exwold continue to be the contract processor of the product once the business sale was concluded, which showed the strength of the partnerships we form with our customers.

We are now experiencing increased demand for the product as the new owner has outlets and offices in over 80 countries around the world, many of which are in large markets for avian flu prevention products.