Granule Impregnation

In 2004, Exwold was approached by a large, privately owned American crop chemicals company following its purchase of an older "off-patent" herbicide from a multi-national company.

The product is a granule for direct, non-dispersible application into the soil (GR type). The active ingredient is supplied in bulk tankers as a liquid concentrate, which is stored in two dedicated 30,000L bulk tanks.

Following a series of process trials in 2004 the client entered a three year supply agreement with Exwold which allowed us to invest £85,000 in a capital project to install a 3m³ drum blender plant (Munsen type mixer). Exwold specialise in this type of capital investment project, where long term partnerships are formed.

The plant has, so far formulated over 3,000 tonnes of this granular product for the UK market.