Granule Extrusion

An American multi-national company needed to improve the effectiveness of its supply chain for formulating a key Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) soluble granule.

The client was in the process of establishing a new active ingredient supply via a joint venture plant in China and was looking for an EU based formulation partner because the main markets for the granular PGR were in Europe.

Exwold had been in discussion with the client for several years about a number of agrochemical products, so when the decision was made to transfer production of this PGR to Europe, Exwold was chosen as the contracting partner.

The specialised extrusion plant design at Exwold's Billingham facility was perfect for the acid/base neutralisation process which the client required for their product. An initial three year supply agreement was signed in 2006 and over 1,500 tonnes of the granular PGR have been manufactured by Exwold since then.

In 2010 the client also decided to further improve the supply chain costs of this product by moving the final re-packing operations from another smaller UK contractor to Exwold's Hartlepool site.

At the Hartlepool site our higher tier COMAH (Control of Major Accidents and Hazards) authorisation allows the storage of bulk granular pesticide products, which are then packed into smaller sales units according to our client's seasonal/geographical demands.

Bulk granules of this product are still shipped directly by Exwold to markets in the USA where they are re-packed by a local contractor.