Exwold Blending Case Study

Customer Problem:

Our customer had formulated a laboratory scale blend of various components to reproduce the physical properties of a waste product to be removed from a hazardous environment.

They required scale up to multi tonne bulk material to enable trials to be carried out in 5 weeks of enquiry being received to test their waste removal process.

Key issues

  • Complex blend of components of varying particle sizes
  • Maintaining the various particle sizes essential to the product in use
  • Homogeneous blend required of components, some present in trace quantities
  • Short timescale
  • New customer with tightly regulated internal processes

Exwold Solution:

Through close cooperation with the customer we were able to perform the required COSHH assessment, develop a suitable production process, provide a quotation, identify suitable packaging and reserve a suitable production slot to allow manufacture and delivery within the required timescale.

By initiating vendor approvals and customer account set up ahead of receipt of order we were able to ensure all necessary documentation was in place before the raw materials were received.

This allowed production to proceed and finished product to be tested and delivered to customer in good time for their planned trial.