Exwold were approached by a major global multi-national chemical company who were looking for a reputable, long term partner who had the necessary expertise to process one of their more difficult surface coatings additives.

The additive was manufactured as a molten solid in drums and, once it had cooled, it produced a hardened solid mass of approximately 80kg in weight.

Exwold's solution was to process the material in four discreet stages. The first stage was to physically break down the material into a size that could easily be fed into a granulator. The second stage involved granulating (kibbling) the material to a much smaller diameter granule. The third stage comprised milling of the coarse material to an even smaller diameter granule. The fourth and final stage was to post-screen (sieve) the product to achieve a mean particle diameter of 2,000 microns.

Exwold relishes multi-stage processing - the benefits to the client are that costs can be kept down due to Exwold's expert ability to perform a wide range of contract processing techniques. We are a 'one-stop shop' for many of our client's multi-stage processing projects.

This collaborative approach means that we have successfully been processing this product for our client for the past 17 years.