Kevin Martin

Having been with Exwold from the early days, Kevin has helped to grow the business. He is now looking forward to leading the company into a new period of growth and expansion.

The strong management team within the organisation is well placed to help Kevin deliver this growth and develop in line with our customers’ needs and requirements.


We want to develop long term relationships with our clients. I believe, therefore, that we can offer more potential benefits to our clients than many of our competitors who just want to turn a job around and move on.

Our knowledge, expertise and culture give us a competitive advantage. For example, whilst we use the same technology as a lot of our competitors, our extensive, in-house knowledge of what it is capable and how it can be adapted enables us to achieve outcomes that are beyond our competitors.

Our approach is to endeavour to solve our clients’ problems no matter how difficult the challenge. We are willing to consider a whole range of possible solutions, including investing in new equipment and developing tailor made processes.

Our focus is very much on the long term. We value relationships and see excellent service as the key to achieving lasting ones. We enjoy having dialogue with our clients, so get in touch